Our Legacy

Started in 2015, the Scandia-Marine Lions Club and Scandia-Marine Lions Foundation work collaboratively to do legacy projects that positively impact our local community. Some projects are large, multi-year undertakings while others are completed in a short period of time, yet make a significant improvement to the community.

The Club and Foundation have defined the qualities of any legacy project they undertake as one that:

  • Has a larger monetary value
  • Meets LCI goals
  • Serves the local community (Scandia, Marine, and/or Town of May)
  • Meets an unmet or unfunded need
  • Has club buy-in (members are invested in and support the project)
  • Is a long-term investment
  • Can draw in new, younger members
  • Addresses the most pressing needs

Our legacy project so far, includes:

  • Making the Scandia Community Center a physically-accessible building
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